She is the Daughter and Daughter-in-law of Dehradun .A resident of Ladpur is now a proud winner of Mrs. India Asia International 2013!

Megha Arup 27,mother of a four-year-old daughter and wife of an Army officer,has brought accolades to the city by winning Goodwill Ambassador at a National level beauty pageant organized last month in Chennai.She is now proudly representing India at Mrs.Asia International pageant which will be held in Malaysia in June this year.

Megha grabbed the crown by competing with 16 finalists chosen in a rigorous selection process all over the country.The question that made the pretty lady win the pageant was: “What do you see in a child?” Megha’s apt reply was, “In a child, I see God, so pure and innocent. There are no inhibitions during childhood. As a child, you need no reasons to be happy.”

For many the beauty crown would be an open entry to the glamour world, but Megha believes in travelling that extra mile.Besides being a writer and painter,she is also an active community worker and has been working on various issues concerning women empowerment and health.As a part of her routine village trips where she mostly carries her 4-year-old daughter in her arms,she chuckles”I have always followed my heart and this is where I have landed;I am really happy and proud of it.”

Talking more of her experiences and juggling responsibilities as a mother and wife she says”The journey so far has been a challenge,managing home,a little child,and dreams gleaming in your eyes has never been easy.But it was only by god’s grace and a continuous family support that I have been able to reach so far.”

Talking of one thing she would tell all other women who now look up to her as an inspiration,she adds” Most women still need to come out and discover what they are really capable of.I feel they should realize their worth and capabilities and make their dreams come true. You can definitely achieve much more than you think you can.”

We wish Megha Arup luck and success and hope she continues to brings more laurels to the city in future.

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Sandeep - A blogger and online marketeer from Dehradun.